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what's hot for tots

what's hot for tots

For those about to read my review, I salute you.
Caution: We roll today to the guitar bite, yeah!

Warning signs:
- If your tot only falls asleep to the sound of "Shake A Leg",
- If your tot winks at you with a thumb up when you tell him/her "Baby, Please Don't Go",
- If your tot is marching around the house every Saturday night with a protest sign saying "Rock And Roll Ain't Noise Pollution",
- If your tot knew his/her AC/DC before his/her ABC…

…Then stay tuned, I just found the perfect T-shirt for him/her!
Designed by Trendy Tadpole, this black T-shirt is fun, hip, Rock and Roll with a little touch of humor:

For Those About to Read We Salute You"

From the "These booties are made for walking" or the "Mommy's little monster" to the "I'd rather wear diapers than wear fur. Stop the fur trade" slogans (a part of the proceeds on that design goes to P.E.T.A.) non-conformist, à la mode and innovative parents will love Trendy Tadpole's designs!

Those quality T-shirts are 100% cotton, made in the USA, by the famous American Apparel in a "sweatshop free environment".

Ordering is very easy: click on the design you like, choose the color and style of clothing you would like (onesie, lap tee, T-shirt, toddler raglan) and voilà.

So, for those about to check Trendy Tadpole's web site…

Je vous salue bien!


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